Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Reznichenko Assaulted the Leader of a Soviet-Era Veterans Organization

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Participants of ATO that returned to civil life after spending a year in the trenches decided to bring their “order” to the country.

Thus, Sergey Shabovta, the head of the All-Ukrainian public organization of veteran-submariners, because he didn’t use convenient words about Maidan in a conversation with Dmitry Reznichenko – a “veteran” of the ATO, he was punched in the face by the latter. This was reported by the Ukrainian media.

The incident took place in Kiev in the House of veterans. In the corridor there was a feisty exchange of words between Shabovta and Reznichenko. Shabovta directly to the face of the ATO participant stated that Maidan should have been dispersed in 2014, which caused a reaction.

Later Shabovta commented to the media.

“The conflict between ‘veterans’ of the ATO and veterans of the still-Soviet, pro-Russian organizations has lasted for a long time,” said the head of the organization.

Reznichenko, in turn, said that they (ATO participants) will fight further against such organizations and will find out where budget money was spent and continues to be spent.

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