Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Held a Special Celebratory March in Kiev & Demanded Poroshenko’s Impeachment

On March 2nd in Kiev on the notoriously Maidan Square “National Druzhina” – a special branch of Andrey Biletsky’s National Corpus that was created to put pressure on this or that election candidate, depending on the client – held a march devoted to the second anniversary of its founding.

The journalist of the pro-Maidan propagandist outlet “TSN” Ivan Grebenyuk noted that a huge column stretched from Maidan to the House of Trade Unions. According to the organisers of the militant march, there were a whopping (LOL) 1,500 participants, who “bravely” hid their faces behind balaclavas. The main category of the participants of the march were young guys aged 20+, but there are also some school age ones.

Another odious pro-Maidan outlet, UNIAN, reported that 1,000 nationalist “combatants” from 20 regions of Ukraine gathered in the capital for the event. It was also reported that at 18:15 the oath of the Volyn and Ivano-Frankovsk branches took place at the Kiev Fortress. The militants read the “Decalogue of a Ukrainian nationalist” and “consecrated” their flags with the “legendary seal of Prince Svyatoslav I of Kiev”.

The leader of “National Corpus” Andrey Biletsky, the commander of “National Druzhina” Igor Mikhailenko, and the head of the central headquarters of “National Corpus” Rodion Kudryashov took part in the official part of the event. During his speech Biletsky said:

When we created this movement, the main task was to make an active youth movement. It’s not words that speak for you, but your actions – the closing of criminal hangouts, and the opening of sports halls. Dozens of you went through the war, fought, defended and were in Avdeevka. Ukraine is very tired of chaos and inaction, of Russian aggression. In 2019 you have the opportunity to go on the offensive – a national government

And after the official part at the building of the Kiev Fortress ended, a press conference and showing of a movie about “National Druzhina” took place.

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The head of the press service of “National Corpus” Roman Chernyshev published a photo showing a banner that was deployed on Maidan and had the words “Servant Pigs of Poroshenko – go to jail”, referencing the recent scandal involving the Ukrainian defence industry and the “aggressor country”.

Some users of Facebook were confused about the purpose of this march, saying “it’s tiresome”,“Is it preparation for elections or what? What’s the purpose of this march?”, and “There is no need to go to and fro all over Kiev, idlers”.

In reality the result of this circus is that several dozen participants (from the Volyn and Ivano-Frankovsk branches) were initiated into the “National Corpus” terrorist formation. In other words, a lot of blah blah blah, and the IMF for sure will not accept this as a form of repayment of debts.

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