Ukrainian Neo-Nazis in Kiev Disrupted a Red Army Commemoration Event & Attacked a Ukrainian Deputy

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the Internet a video was published showing clashes between nationalists from the C14 organisation and the chairman of the “Opposition Bloc” faction Yury Boyko in Mariinsky park near the monument to General Vatutin.

The video was posted by the “C14” organisation on Facebook.

Nationalists attacked Boyko, trying to prevent him from laying flowers at the monument to the Soviet General who liberated Kiev. This resulted in a fight between nationalists, Boyko, and his security guards. Police officers intervened and separated the clashing sides.

Earlier on April 13th elderly people gathered near the same monument with flowers in their hands. The nationalists called the assembled people “dressed-up veterans”. After this, red paint was poured on the monument to Vatutin.

Afterwards, representatives of nationalist organisations photographed themselves against the background of the doused monument.


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