The Ukrainian Officers of the Waffen SS “Galicia” Division

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


According to the statement of the Director of the Institute of National Memory Vyatrovich, their glorification [of the SS “Galicia” division – ed] is not propaganda of Nazism.

This post uses a fragment from the book of Beglyar Navruzov “14th Waffen Grenadier division of the SS ‘Galicia'”:

“In September, 1941, in Galicia a strange event took place. Besides the registration of Galician Germans (there were about 60,000 people), the registration took place of youth-Galicians between 18-25 years of age with an Aryan appearance (i.e. height from 175 cm, blonde or fair-hair, with gray, green, or blue eyes, without physical defects). And September, 1941, is only the first 3 months of war, only the first 3 first months of the occupation of Galicia.

From October, 1941, to January, 1942, many registered Galicians were drafted to the troops of the SS. It is extremely strange that this fact isn’t commented on at all by Ukrainian historians. After all, there is the special explanatory letter of Berger addressed to Himmler where he says that the called Galicians represent ‘an excellent Aryan sample’. Unfortunately, it is not clear who was the initiator of this action. As a result of this action, 2000 Galicians appeared in the elite German SS ‘Leibstandarte’, ‘Das Reich’, ‘Totenkopf’, ‘Viking’ division, as well as in the 1st motorized brigade of the SS. It was also an accurately and well planned operation. No evidence of desertion or non-appearance at the place of recruitment. No sky-high numbers. I.e. in a total of half a year (figures rounded to January, 1942) after occupation the Germans had total control over Galicia, allowing them to carry out such an action.

Perhaps, Galicians didn’t know what the SS was, in general? They knew — Galicians lived in territories where there were intensive arrests and round-ups, deportation of Jews, and then Galicians. In addition, many Galicians saw and knew how the Germans in the summer of 1941 behaved with Soviet prisoners”.

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