Ukrainian Official Vexed the Poles and Called to Be Proud of Nazi Collaboration

Translated by Ollie Richardson


According to the Ukrainian nationalist, Ukrainians must be proud, and not fear accusations of collaborating with Hitler’s Germany…

This was written by the head of OUN and first deputy head of the State Committee for Television and Radio-broadcasting Bogdan Chervak on his blog in response to the criticism of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the SS “Galicia” division.

“Moscow has long had a formed opinion on this topic. The ‘Galicia’ division for it is more terrible than OUN, UPA, and ‘Right Sector’. Waszczykowski [Polish FM – ed], if he reflects the official opinion of Poland, actually voiced the position of Warsaw and is in solidarity with the Kremlin.

However, it is necessary to recognize that in Ukraine there is no unanimity concerning ‘Galicia’. Even in the patriotic and nationalist environment. It seems that the fear of being accused of ‘cooperating with the Germans’ is greater than the idea of restoring historical justice.

But [SS – ed] division members who took up arms didn’t have this fear of fighting against Moscow, which was considered as the greatest evil in the world. Or they are wrong?

Every Ukrainian fought or who is fighting against Moscow with a weapon in their hands must be worthy of respect,” stated Chervak. “And the Ukrainians who fought in the ‘Galicia’ division are not an exception”.


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