Ukrainian Officials Fled the OSCE Conference After Questions About the Persecution of Journalists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian officials ran away from the OSCE conference in Warsaw after being questioned about the persecution of oppositional journalists. This was reported by an eyewitness to the incident – the journalist of “Ru.Baltic” Aleksandr Nosovich on his blog.

“To the question redirected to her ‘how to stop the persecution of Ukrainian and Russian journalists in Ukraine’, the representative of the Ukrainian committee on the press answered that she has already said everything today, got up, and left. By the end of the event all members of the official delegation of Ukraine had left. They didn’t answer the questions they were asked. There is nothing to say,” reported Nosovich.

According to him, a whole group of oppositional reporters and social activists from Ukraine came to Warsaw. They also started to ask officials inconvenient questions. The Ukrainian-speaking human rights activist from Lvov spoke in Russian essentially because this language is pursued in her country, specified Nosovich.

“Journalists of Ukrainian oppositional press, bloggers, and dissidents spoke after representatives of NGOs and media loyal to the Ukrainian state. In particular, the head of the ‘Vesti’ media holding and the wife of the well-known blogger Anatoly Shariy, Olga Shariy. They reported about the persecution of journalists in Ukraine, brazen violations of freedom of speech …

The Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba spoke too. This is one more person whose case of ‘high treason’ has also collapsed. He spoke very rigidly and emotionally. In general, in Ukraine a powerful dissident movement – angry and toothy – is being formed. It’s not connected to Donbass in any way, its internal. The authorities in power are hated, which isn’t surprising, as many have stayed in prisons, were beaten by controlled nationalists, and so on …

In general, I predict for the Ukrainian authorities serious problems with international legitimacy and their image in the long term, including in the countries of the West. Such efforts can’t but yield results. For example, the Ukrainian question is one of the main ones, and dissidents are very active. Sometimes in general there is the impression that you are at a discussion of the different parties of Ukrainian society, and not at an international conference with the participation of more than 50 delegations,” stated the Belarusian political scientist Aleksandr Shpakovsky, sharing his impressions of the conference.

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