A Ukrainian Oppositional Journalist Was Provocatively Beaten in Zhitomir

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the center of Zhitomir the former ATO soldier Vasily Scherbakov committed an assault on the oppositional journalist Sergey Forest.

As the correspondents of the “Golos Pravdy” publication with reference to Forest wrote, the attack was organized by the Deputy of the regional council from the “Self Help” party and member of the National union of journalists of Ukraine Elena Galaguza.

The journalist is sure: the aim of the attack was to provoke him into committing reciprocal actions, which would have given the grounds for an appeal to the police and detention for beating a “veteran of the ATO”. According to the journalist, Galaguza all the time stood nearby and recorded the events on video.

“I know that if their provocation was successful, I, probably, would be sitting in the pre-trial detention center of Zhitomir near my colleague journalist Vasily Muravitsky, speaking to the lawyer and investigators on the charge that the journalist Forest attacked the ATO participant Scherbakov,” notes the journalist.

Forest doesn’t exclude that the provokers acted on the order of the special services and that the attack on him can be repeated.

“In Ukraine it became a trend to hunt down oppositional journalists, those who aren’t afraid to write and tell the truth”.

Due to the incident he submitted to the Union of journalists of Ukraine an appeal in which he called to pay attention to the immoral actions of Elena Galaguza.

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