Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Began Open Preparations for Overthrow of Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian nationalists are preparing for the continuation of the revolution and “march on Kiev” to overthrow the current government. This was said by political analyst Vladimir Kornilov on air of TVC.

According to him, the nationalists do not hide their plans and openly state that the current government is a “regime of internal occupation” which must be overthrown, and the young legions of nationalists plan their actions on a map of Kiev.

“They are openly stating that {the revolution is not over, and that the next phase of the revolution is coming, and we will overthrow the regime of internal occupation}. Thus, it is clear that under the regime of internal occupation they referring to Poroshenko and his clique. I.e. the right-wing radicals, ultra-nationalists of all kinds do not hide their plans, they write about it openly and directly say that in the next step they will go to Kiev.

Moreover, if you now go on the website of the “Azov” battalion, I noticed recently that on their photos they often show training and a map where they explain something to the students, to young nationalists. Thus, lately it’s not a map of Donbass they hang there, but a map of Kiev,” said Kornilov.

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