Ukrainian “Patriots” Shamelessly Published a Video Showing the UAF Shelling a Factory Building

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian army published on the Internet proof of their shelling of the residential quarters of Donetsk. The war correspondent of the DPR army Mikhail Andronik spoke about it on his Telegram channel.

Andronik drew attention to a video published by the Ukrainian “volunteer” Yury Mysyagin. In the video it is seen how shots are fired from the positions of the UAF and direct hits are landed on the office building of the “Tochmash” plant. Mysyagin claimed that, allegedly, the weapon emplacement of the DPR was thus suppressed.

“The Ukrainian beggar and terrorist Mysyagin uploaded a video that shows the UAF shelling the Tochmash building in the Kievsky district of Donetsk, at the intersection of Kievsky Avenue and Zhmury Street, having added a cynical bastardish comment to it. It’s not possible that weapon emplacements can be there a priori, it is a busy intersection and almost the center of the Kievsky district. A single hit on this building indeed took place on 24/06/201, which Andrey Bardachev (the Donetsk video blogger) captured on camera,” commented Andronik.

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