Ukrainian “Patriots” Viciously Assaulted a Woman Who Survived the Odessa Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian Nazis continue to intimidate the residents of Odessa: on May 6th a group of radicals beat up one of the victims – Nadezhda – of the massacre on May 2nd, 2014.

“The mourning event took place quite peacefully on May 2nd, the nationalists didn’t manage to carry out any provocations. The police carefully kept order near the House of Trade Unions, and all suspicious persons were led way from the field. They left the city at the same time as the victorious march” she said.

Then Nadezhda described the emergency situation that happened to her on May 6th.

“I was on my way home. Two persons unexpectedly approached me. At first they said to me ‘F*ck Putin!’, and then some more unflattering expressions. They shouted to me that I am a separatist and a kolorad, ‘not all of you were finished off on May 2nd’, and so on. As I already said, there were two of them. We were stood in a small alley. One of them, probably, watched to see if there were any witnesses. I evaded the first blow, the second landed directly on my face. Then they threw me directly in the wake of their standard chant ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and left. I remained at the scene, and what should I have done? Run up behind them? This is stupid,” she said.

The woman is sure that attackers were frightened off by the people passing by.

“I came home and saw what happened to my face – my lip had been busted open, there was a lot of blood. I called the police by mistake, and then an ambulance. Doctors said that there is a small crack in my jaw. My lip was sewn up. There is also a small haematoma on my upper jaw near the nose,” she noted.

According to the victim, nationalists commit similar assaults to disrupt the “Immortal Regiment” event that is planned for Victory Day in Odessa, despite everything that has happened.

“Kulikovo members [residents of Odessa who are anti-Maidan – ed] are constantly attacked. But there are a lot of us, and there is no need to be afraid. It is our history, and it can’t be surrendered. They are sure that if Kulikovo members are killed one after the other, then people will cease to come out for May 9th and participate in a procession, but this is not so. The city remains standing  for the 4th year, contrary to everything,” said Nadezhda.

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