All Ukrainian People Mustn’t be Identified With the Kiev Junta

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Forced mutual hostility and hatred between two parts of the divided Russian nation is beneficial only to its historical and geopolitical enemies.

The feeling of protest that arises in Russians in connection with the situation in Ukraine shouldn’t develop into hatred towards the country and its people. The end of the conflict and reconciliation of Ukraine with Russia is inevitable, said the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill in an interview to Russia 1 TV channel. The patriarch urged the media to highlight the Ukrainian topic in such a way that Russians have no negative and hostile attitude towards Ukraine, reports RIA Novosti. Patriarch Kirill noted that Russia and Ukraine were always together and were always one nation. And, despite of the fact that “these people left for different apartments”, “we remain people who are united by one faith, one history, and one set of values”.

The fact that the head of the Russian Orthodoxy devoted a considerable part of his Christmas interview precisely to the topic of hatred to Ukraine isn’t a coincidence. Moreover, it is possible to affirm that the fact that this topic was addressed testifies to the existence in the Russian ruling class of serious concern about what perception of Ukraine and its people becomes dominant in Russian public consciousness.

Thanks to the efforts of a considerable part of the local “pseudo-truther” media, the Ukrainian topic is presented in a special way that, in the consciousness of the mass consumer, all edges are smoothed out between Ukraine and the Ukrainian people on the one hand, and the present pseudo-Ukrainian, anti-people Kiev power on the another.

And it is an essentially important point! The sharp hostility towards and the rejection of Russian society is absolutely lawful and natural for the illegal regime of the Kiev usurpers, who by force of arms and without any legal grounds imposed their power on the whole country. Especially taking into account everything that these villains created. But the focus point is in the fact that mass propaganda, which in its considerable part is in the hands of those who are known, doesn’t distinguish between this criminal gang and all of Ukraine and its population as such. It is reached by means of simple methods, such as the frank substitution of concepts and meanings.

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So, instead of the quite suitable definition “illegal Kiev regime”, we regularly hear politically correct expressions like “Ukrainian president”, “the government of Ukraine”, and instead of the words “illegal armed groups”, we regularly ready about some Armed Forces of Ukraine. Although it is completely unclear — what “Armed Forces” the state, which legally hasn’t existed for already three years, can have?! And how banal traitors can be “Ukrainian military”, who betrayed their own military oath in which it is prescribed in black and white to remain loyal to the legitimate authorities of the country?

Forced total rejection by Russians of all that is happening in Ukraine is considerably facilitated by a one-dimensional information image, which is purposefully created by US-Kiev propaganda structures, who are vitally interested in the fact that from the territory of Ukraine comes exclusively the “news” that testifies to the deepest hatred of “Ukrainians” towards Russia. And this fake, largely staged “news”, which is absolutely not reflective of the real attitudes of most citizens of Ukraine, with the greatest desire and maximum quantity, in colors and paints, are relayed by certain varieties of Russian media. They often have the same overseas sources of funding as Kiev does. And Russians have to believe it! Because there isn’t any alternative information.

In this way, forcing a climate of mutual hostility, by playing off one part of the Russian people (Ukrainians – ed) against another, until their direct confrontation, is continued with the utmost intensity for three years and has very considerable success. The reaction to the current address of Patriarch Kirill to a substantial part of the so-called “Russian blogosphere” serves as confirmation of this.

Zivko Zhekov:

“Rolex” the court jester surmised himself. Dr. Lisa was and still is a true Patriarch.

Aleksandr Ivashin:

Kirill understands that Ukraine leaves the control of the UOC-MP, and the complete and final separation is not far off. Orthodoxy will benefit from it.

Vlad Dubrov:

No, they shed a lot of blood! The Patriarch’s wishful thinking! The facts do not support his words!

Pavel Sergeev:

Here the Patriarch got excited. It is the strong who are hated, but these ones deserve only contempt.

Martha Ivanovna:

In other words, there is a need to endure it, even if you are hit on your cheeks by those that you helped grow? It’s too much even for a Saint.

Yury Lipatov:

Murder and the daily bombing of the cities of Donbass, and we mustn’t be indignant? And we are supposed to compliment Ukrops?

The Patriarch is certainly right concerning the most important thing. It is impossible to think of as equals an entire nation and the not-numerous criminal Banderist gangs, which by force of arms took the former hostage, gagged its mouth, and drove it like yoked cattle, under the threat of jail or execution, on someone else’s war and governed on its behalf, pretending that it enjoys popular support. There is nothing even remotely similar to this in Ukraine, and there never will be.

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And there is no need to be in a hurry to contemptuously despise, moreover, to hate almost all of the citizens of this unfortunate country only for the fact that they, being completely unarmed and deprived of organization, are not able today in most cases to offer open resistance to the armed-to-the-teeth repressive apparatus of the regime, which has repeatedly proved that it will kill everyone at the slightest threat. Not to mention the fact that because of the actual destruction of independent-from-the-regime media, we just do not know about the scale of the unarmed counter-action to the junta and the degree of rejection of its power in the occupied part of Ukrainian territory.

I will not even flatter myself with the hope that these calls will reach the ears, moreover the hearts of those imbeciles who are sitting on distant sofas and eating beer and popcorn, handed out to all moronic advisors living in Ukraine about how they should overthrow the Nazi dictatorship. Moreover, I’m not going to appeal to the conscience of the considerable categories of online workers, who have long been firmly sitting on the payroll of the appropriate Western intelligence agencies and fulfill the theme of “Ukrainians are dipsh*ts! — and Katsaps are scum!!” with clear ardency for service.

There is sense in general to address only the state authorities of Russia, the position and concerns of which, it is hoped, were announced by the Patriarch of Russia. It’s time to clarify, and very significantly at that, some accents of the approach of the state itself to the Ukrainian issue. And to determine, at last, who is who there? And even if a Russian court recently ruled that in Ukraine a state coup had taken place, with all its unlawful consequences, isn’t it time for some official speakers and Russian media to draw the appropriate conclusions? In general, which “our partners in Kiev” and “Ukrainian authorities” is being referred to?

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It is precisely the complete blurring of all boundaries of all things reasonable in light of the Ukrainian topic that leads to fatal confusion of notions in the public mind, when a handful of Kiev gangsters are identified with almost all of the nation. The main essence of the message of the Patriarch is precisely in the fact that he warned against hatred towards all the people of Ukraine, and not it’s current illegal ruling clique. The time came to separate the wheat from the chaff also in the field of mass communication. Because with the current state of affairs, in this key area the US State Department can do nothing at all: we, ourselves, have been quite successful in relation to forced mutual hatred and the creation of the psychological ground for the subsequent mutual destruction. The Anglo-Saxons will be only content.

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