Ukrainian Poet: Donbass Is a Cancerous Tumour, & Ukraine Doesn’t Need It

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine shouldn’t continue to cling on to the annexed Crimea and the occupied regions of Donbass because they will prevent normalization of life in the country and the movement to Europe. Such an opinion was expressed by the poet Yury Rybchinsky in the author’s program of Dmitri Gordon on TV channel 112 Ukraine, reports “Patriots of Ukraine”.

“In Crimea most people didn’t say ‘no’ (to Russia). If they don’t want to live in Ukraine – for me Crimea is cut off. It is a pity to lose Donbass, but if the people who fight on that side hate us, then love can’t be forced. Why sacrifice the lives of people who will never become Ukrainians?

For me Ukraine is where there is Ukrainian culture and songs. And it doesn’t depend on the territory size. It is Russia who can inflate and consider that it must be bigger, as if it is pregnant,” he stated.

At the same time the poet didn’t exclude that Crimea and Donbass can return to the structure of Ukraine.

“Perhaps they will return, but from my point of view, but we don’t need such a cancerous tumor as Donbass,” noted Rybchinsky.

He suggested to imagine what will happen if the President of Russia Vladimir Putin returns Donbass to Ukraine.

“I imagine what will begin if Putin suddenly tucks Donbass back into Ukraine, and we will begin to make lists… who fought, who committed what crimes, who was a collaborator… And all this instead of going to Europe, to build a normal life. it will be an enormous application of the brakes for us,” summed up the poet.

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