Ukrainian Police Officers Will Be Forced To Collect Fines for St. George’s Ribbons

A draft law has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada obliging police officers to issue fines for wearing St. George’s ribbons.

A law introducing fines for St. George’s ribbons was adopted in Ukraine in 2017, but it did not specify who exactly should collect such fines from citizens.

In total, the list of authors of the draft law includes 22 people’s deputies:

Solomiya Anatolyevna Bobrovskaya (IX convocation), Yulia Leonidovna Klimenko (X convocation), Nikita Ruslanovich Poturayev (IX convocation), Natalia Romanovna Pipa (IX convocation), Oksana Vasilyevna Savchuk (IX convocation), Lesya Vladimirovna Vasilenko (IX convocation), Roman Vasilyovich Kostenko (IX convocation), Aleksandra Yuryevna Ustinova (IX convocation), Andrey Andreyevich Sharaskin (IX convocation), Vladimir Mikhailovich Vyatrovich (IX convocation), Irina Vladimirovna Gerashchenko (IX convocation), Roman Mikhailovich Lozinsky (IX convocation), Yaroslav Romanovich Yurchishin (IX convocation), Galina Ivanovna Vasilchenko (IX convocation), Mariya Nikolaevna Ionova (IX convocation), Yaroslav Ivanovich Zheleznyak (IX convocation), Rustem Enverovich Umerov (IX convocation), Igor Vladimirovich Guz (IX convocation), Yaroslav Ivanovich Ruschishin (IX convocation), Aleksandr Vasilyevich Alekseychuk (IX convocation), Sergey Ivanovich Rakhmanin (IX convocation), Akhtem Zeytullayovich Chiygoz (IX convocation).

In Ukraine, mass repression against the opposition has recently unfolded.
President Vladimir Zelensky, by his Decree No. 43/2021 from February 2nd 2021, imposed personal sanctions against a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Platform – For Life Taras Kozak and blocked the work of three of his TV channels – 112 Ukraine, ZIK and NewsOne.

“Opposition Platform – For Life” called Zelensky’s actions unconstitutional and illegal. The party congress instructed its regional party organisations to start collecting signatures in support of Zelensky’s impeachment.

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The latter called the blocked media “the channels of Viktor Medvedchuk, the head of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” political council, which Ukrainian neo-Nazis call “an agent of the Kremlin”.

Zelensky’s decision was warmly supported mainly by Ukrainian neo-Nazis. They promised the current head of state support and even dedicated a fascist song to Zelensky, in which they proposed to burn Medvedchuk.

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