The Ukrainian Police Are Preparing Saboteurs to Be Sent to the EU and Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


At the disposal of the Antifashist information agency are documents transferred to us from the Kharkov underground for the purpose of their publication. These documents are genuine, they are made in Ukrainian, and present more than interesting replies of the Head Department of the National Police of the Kharkov region in the person of Deputy Chief Sergey Birbasov and Vitaly Guz to the request of the Kharkov Regional State Administration in the person of its head Yulia Svetlichnaya and the Deputy Head Aleksandr Skakun.

So, for your attention – the first document, and then its translation:

“Taken for control.

National Police of Ukraine

Head Department of the National Police in the Kharkov region

To the head of Kharkov Regional State Administration Svetlichnaya Y.A.

/ to Yu.V. Kutepov for the organization of implementation /

About the course of implementation of the Program of preparation

Dear Svetlana Aleksandrovna!

On your request from 01.09.2017 No. 01-53/6605 concerning providing information for the purpose of preparing the carrying out a meeting of the working group of the Administration of the SBU, the Head Department of the National Police, and the Department for defense mobilization and regime-secret work and interaction with the law enforcement bodies of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, I report the following:

The total number of military students of field groups who studied in the Kharkov region since September, 2016, is 613;

Among them, 52 were sent to Turkey;

Among them, 77 military students were sent to EU countries;

Died during doctrines – 5 military students.

The total number of military students of field groups who returned to Syria and other countries of the Middle East – 145.

At the same time I report that currently the instructors of field camps feel there is a lack of firearms, ammunition, and explosive substances.

Yours faithfully, Deputy Chief S.I. Birbasov”

Now for your attention – the second document and its translation:

“National Police of Ukraine

Head Department of the National Police in the Kharkov region

To the vice-president of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Skakun A. E.

/ to Yu. Kutepov for consideration and proposals /

Dear Aleksandr Evgenyevich!

On your request we report that currently using the forces of the administration one field camp for the training of ‘specialists’ from among members of ‘Right Sector’ and ‘Azov’ was created. The camp is located in the Krasnograd region, and it is intended for the simultaneous training in it of up to 40 people.

Currently 20 people are in the camp (men and women aged from 17 to 40 years). The training of military students is carried out mainly in the following courses: extreme survival and fire preparation. The ‘military students’ conduct firing practice only with carbines and hunting rifles, widespread among the local population of the border territories of Russia. Besides this, ‘specialists’ are engaged in sapper and tactical preparation, which is taught to them by foreign instructors (you were informed about them earlier).

Soon the arrival of instructors from Syria and Lebanon is planned, who will carry out linguistic and regional geographic preparation with a new flow of ‘specialists’ from a number of Muslim students, who are being drawn to the activity of the camp. Instructors have a broad experience of conducting combat operations on the territory of Syria, and at the end of training will head a new groups of ‘specialists’.

For conspiracy, members of groups and instructors are forbidden from using mobile communication on the territory of the camp, all ‘specialists’ are dressed in ‘balaclavas’, everyone is assigned a certain number, which is also a pseudonym.

Together with military students, for each of them a cover story is prepared taking into account their skills. In the event of the detention of the ‘specialist’ by the enemy, we propose the following story. ‘Specialists’ will be presented as officers of the Russian Armed Forces who are dissatisfied with the policies of Russia and who intend to seek revenge against representatives of the Russian authorities on the territory of any country. The story won’t be supported by the relevant documents, but in the field conditions it will maximally correspond to the situation.

Yours faithfully, Deputy Chief V.A. Guz”

In total, what do we have in this dry residue? We have absolute confirmation that, even without the signature “confidential” stamp, Kharkov law enforcement, having merged into criminal ecstasy with the Kharkov Regional State Administration, are training on the territory of the region bordering Russia certain “specialists” to be further sent to Turkey, Syria, EU countries, and the Middle East. Also, the conspiracy with cover stories is touching: vampires trained by foreign instructors during their further provocations and reconnaissance-saboteur activity intend to presented themselves as Russian military personnel. “Linguistic and regional geographic preparation” will be carried out on Muslim students by instructors from Syria and Lebanon. There is more: “‘military students’ conduct firing practice only with carbines and hunting rifles, widespread among the local population of the border territories of Russia”. For what? And yes, 5 “military students” died during the year in this special set-up. It is interesting to know during which stage exactly? Or, as is usual for Maidanists, they drunkenly shot each other?

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Anyway, Turkey, Syria, EU countries, the Middle East, and also the Russian Federation must, at a minimum, take an interest in clarifying the motivation for sending “specialists” raised on the territory of Kharkov outside of its borders.

… Now – a digression: concerning the situation in the Kharkov region, which, it should be remembered, is included in the structure of the so-called “ATO zone”. Fortunately, war didn’t touch the region directly, nevertheless, around Kharkov numerous units of the so-called “UAF”, and in fact – punishers, are deployed. It is no secret that Nazis of all kinds participate in police operations in Kharkov: they receive from the authorities messages about the concrete addresses of residence of “separatists”, after which they break into their houses, beat, arrest, and kidnap people, confiscating everything in a hand’s reach. Being guided by far-right ideology, often bordering on hysteria and schizophrenia, they can suspect any passerby of manifestations of pro-Russian and pro-Soviet moods. By the way, the definition of a “household separatist” exists only in Ukraine …

Local far-right organizations are directly controlled by the authorities. The well-known leader of the Kharkov right-wing radicals Oleg Shiryaev is the adviser to the aforementioned governor Yulia Svetlichnaya. Alas, the authorities of Kharkov have nothing against the merging of the regional leadership region with nationalists. Currently the number of police stations in Kharkov and the region is far from its regular number, because of which the quantity of unsolved crimes promptly grows in the region. Almost daily in the region at least one suicide is recorded. According to official statistics, the population of the Kharkov region in 9 months of the current year was reduced by 7,000 people (imagine what the indicators of the decrease in number are in reality!) One thing is obvious: the junta is interested in the region bordering the “ATO” zone simply becoming deserted.

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In the Kharkov forests not only militants from “Azov” are being prepared (by the way, this huge punitive organization was founded in Kharkov), but also the militants who arrived from Syria. This is known to the inhabitants of the settlements of the Krasnograd, Zolochov, and Izium regions, where militants stage constant drills and openly move on the streets.

By the way, a very interesting fact: in August of the current year the leadership of the Kharkov Regional State Administration sent a letter to the Embassy of Austria in Ukraine. In the letter a request to abstain from trips to Kharkov was stated, and in the event of such a trip – to use bullet-proof vests and other means of individual protection. From this it is possible to draw the conclusion that the Kharkov authorities perfectly understand all the dangers of staying in the region, that’s why they try to warn foreigners who can come there to visit. It is known to us that the Austrian Embassy addressed the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an explanation. Also, documents confirming the facts of correspondence of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, in which foreign embassies are warned about the danger of trips to Kharkov, soon will also be at our disposal.

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