Ukrainian Political Commentator Vadim Karasev: Ukraine Is No Longer a State

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The political scientist Vadim Karasev, who usually defends Ukrainian statehood on Russian TV channels, called it into question on the air of the Ukrainian NewsOne channel.

“Who told you that we have a State? Clans for many years have occupied the State. They have a clan, and not State consciousness. There were Donetsk ones, and now Vinnytsia and Chernovtsi ones came. For them there is no big Ukraine. That’s why some of them say that Donbass isn’t needed. They don’t understand people who live there, they don’t recognise them as citizens of Ukraine. It is in fact a feudal principle. They serve not the State, but their boss. Our presidential vertical is a patronage system. It is a problem not of personnel, but of principles,” said Karasev.

The effect of these principles, according to him, has led to the fact that “ardent revolutionaries were quickly transformed into ardent corrupt officials”.

“Do you think that these officials believe that the State will remain? If they are to be trusted, then they wouldn’t be engaged in corruption. They steal for a rainy day. In old age it is normal to live in a small house. Don’t trust the banking system, which will burn down during the next Maidan, don’t believe that you will receive pensions, and don’t believe the authorities. They treat Ukraine like a territory that can be controlled and its people exploited for profit,” said the political scientist.

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