Ukrainian Political Expert Explained Why the Hall of Munich Was Half-Empty for Poroshenko’s Speech

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The half-empty hall during Petro Poroshenko’s speech at the Munich Security Conference is explained by the fact that the Ukrainian President has already bored western politicians with his slogans.

This was stated at a press conference in Kiev by Valentin Gladkikh, a political expert from the Ukrainian NGO “Slovo i Dilo (Word & Action)” .

“Poroshenko speaking to an empty hall was predictable. Nobody will watch the same movie 50 times. Everyone in the world already understood: ‘Russia is an aggressor, Ukraine is an outpost of the civilised world, on Maidan the people defended their right to a European future’. All these cool slogans have been known for a long time, and they are simply not interesting anymore.

Say something new, and we will come, we will listen to you. Why should influential people who make decisions spend their valuable time, which instead can be spent on really important meetings and negotiations?

And this is a signal to Petro Poroshenko, for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, and for the Presidential Administration, which prepares the agenda.

Sir, what you say already doesn’t enthuse anybody. Earlier we brought Russian passports from Debaltsevo, diced by Russian artillery shells, and today we bring a flag of the EU from Avdeevka.

It turns out that there, ‘under the European flag, we repel the horde that threatens European values’. All of this is very cool, media-friendly, but in reality it doesn’t work. Even for the Ukrainian consumer, and even more so – the European consumer. That agenda that we offer to our western partners has exhausted itself,” said the expert.

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