Ukrainian Political Expert: Poroshenko Is Not the Legitimate President

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is illegally in power, because the procedure of impeachment of his predecessor wasn’t done. This was stated on the air of “UkrLife” by the Ukrainian political expert, the head of the Institute of Society Transformation Oleg Soskin.

According to him, today at the head of the country must be the current speaker of the Rada Andriy Parubiy.

“Because he is an illegal president. As the former president is alive, he wasn’t removed, he didn’t write a statement of resignation for health reasons, disorganization, and so on, that’s why he remained the President until 2015. Elections should have taken place in March of 2015. In reality, today, according to the Constitution Poroshenko is a nobody. Generally, it’s Parubiy who should fulfil the Presidential duties,” declared Soskin.

In addition, Soskin assures that also the government of Ukraine is illegitimate, because the majority in the Rada exists only on paper.

“Groysman’s government is the government of profiteers, losers, they should immediately resign, especially as there is no majority. Today this government is illegal and anti-constitutional. It is clearly written in the Constitution that the government is created by the ruling coalition … If we are honest, we should say that you are an illegal government, a usurper group, and in general are not a government,” added the expert.

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