Ukrainian Political Prisoner Darya Mastikasheva Was Released

The former champion of Ukraine in taekwondo Darya Mastikasheva, who was detained for more than two years on charges of state treason, was released. This was reported on December 27th by the journalist Pavel Volkov.

“Darya Mastikasheva is free! However, there are already two SBU officers outside the door – with Valentin Rybin (the lawyer of Mastikasheva),” said Volkov.

On August 15th 2017 Darya Mastikasheva was abducted by masked armed men and taken to an unknown destination, where she was tortured for several days, and also threatened with the death of her mother and young son, if she did not confess to cooperating with Russian special services. The video of her confession was shown by the-then head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak at a press conference in Kiev even before Mastikasheva has been officially detained.

And the indictment in the case stated that she had committed a number of “actions that in themselves do not constitute a public danger, but by a combination of certain indications may be similar to actions aimed at preparing a terrorist act or sabotage.”

In 2 years and 3 months of detention, Mastikasheva’s case was never heard in court on its merits.

Obviously, today’s release of Mastikasheva is connected to the future prisoner exchange between Ukraine and the LDPR, which should take place before the New Year.

“Today, 27.12.2019. The Krasnogvardeysky Court of Dnepropetrovsk held a hearing on the case of Darya Mastikasheva. As part of the legal clearance in preparation for the exchange, the court approved a plea deal in exchange for release without the confiscation of property and the termination of criminal prosecution.

Darya was released in the hearing room after two and a half years of being jailed! Aleksandr Karatay was released on the same terms and will be sent for an exchange.

Now on the topic of ‘cleaning’. Some radical human rights defenders, as a condition of exchange, demanded only the refusal of the Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute and the closure of the criminal case. Many observers will say – ‘How so! To plead guilty! No! Never, even at the cost of life!’ It is possible to fight, of course. You can break your head against a wall and spend 15 years in prison on a sentence with confiscation of property. But we will leave this pleasure for those who like to defend their ideals at someone else’s expense.

Darya is out! Darya defended her right to her home and family. We wish her happiness, health, and strength to establish a life broken by inhuman people!
Thank you and a low bow to everyone who brought this day closer and made it possible!

In the pictures:

  • The last few minutes in the dungeon.
  • Darya Mastikasheva signs the agreement.”

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