Ukrainian Political Prisoner Elena Boyko: I Need Your Help!

My beloved friends!

The summary of my 10-month stay in the pre-trial detention center and the so-called “trial”:

11.04.2019 – non-delivery to court due to non-arrival of convoy;

25.04.2019 – non-delivery to court due to non-arrival of convoy;

16.05.2019 – postponement of court session, non-appearance of lawyer;

10.06.2019 – postponement of court session, non-appearance of the prosecutor;

22.10.2019 – non-delivery by convoy;

25.10.2019 – postponement of appeal, non-appearance of prosecutor;

Results of the hearings:

03.06.10 – examination of two witnesses, (listened to “Zello”);

09.07.2019 – interrogation of witness. Heard nothing.

01.08.2019 – announcement of “evidence” by the prosecutor;

13.09.2019 – announcement of “evidence” by the prosecutor;

16.09.2019 – announcement of “evidence” by the prosecutor;

In general – the prosecutor read out and attached to the materials of the court hearing 30 documents from four volumes, where there are about 800.

At this rate – until he finishes “attaching” his “evidence” – it will be five years…

My lawyer doesn’t show himself at all. All protests, appeals, motions I write and submit MYSELF.

I have several “important books” for this purpose: the Procedural Code of Ukraine and the “Practice of the ECHR”.

Therefore, I have to contact you for help:

  1. We need an adequate lawyer who is not afraid of the SBU. I don’t have any money for it at all. The children are with their families and can only send transmissions (food, etc.), and have already spent about $900 in 10 months.
  2. Information about this “trial” and about illegal detention in a pre-trial detention center should be translated into English [which Stalker Zone has done – ed] and maximally disseminated to the European public, as well as sent to international human rights organisations: Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International, UNHCR, Freedom on the Net, OSCE representative office on media freedom, European Parliament.
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The only thing that achieves a reaction here is a massive media wave, especially if Europeans start to have their face rubbed in it. I very much hope for your help in this!

Elena Boyko

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