Ukrainian Political Scientist: A “Russia-Ukraine War” Doesn’t Factually Exist

Translated by Ollie Richardson


All statements about a “Russia-Ukraine war” are made by politicians in Kiev for internal use, from the point of view of international law so that a conflict between the two States isn’t announced. That’s why Moscow isn’t afraid of legal claims, nor demands for reparations from the government in Kiev. 
This was stated on the air of the “112” TV channel by the political scientist Andrey Yermolaev.

“Russia is the occupier in Ukrainian legislation. Everything about the international legal status of the conflict in the East and perceptions of Russia as an occupier is a big question.

Yes, the terms ‘aggression’, ‘support’, ‘hybrid war’, ‘conflict’ are used. But in international law a war between Ukraine and Russia doesn’t exist. And, thus, all international norms connected to the settlement of controversial issues, reparations, and so on also don’t apply to this.

So, a conversation about whether there will be some judicial consequences for such actions is doubtful,” said Yermolaev.

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