Ukrainian Political Scientist Aleksandr Dudchak: It’s Too Late to Cry About the Approaching Catastrophe in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian political scientist and economist Aleksandr Dudchak commented on the statement of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Rabinovich that Ukraine “approaches a catastrophe”.

As a reminder, the deputy from the “For Life” party Vadim Rabinovich said that Europe will give Ukraine €1 billion for the repayment of debts. At the same time the Ukrainian deputy notes that Europe demands to lift the ban on the export of round timber. According to Rabinovich, the money that will be received by Kiev “will instantly be used to repay debts”, and in exchange Ukraine “will lose the Carpathians”.

The deputy calculated that Kiev has to pay about €117 billion on the repayment of all debts up to 2020. Rabinovich said that this is the collapse of the Ukrainian economy.

“It is silly to shout only today about a catastrophe approaching,” said Aleksandr Dudchak, commenting on Rabinovich’s words.

The Ukrainian political scientist highlighted that this could have been avoided if the Ukrainian side was outraged before signing the contract on the so-called free trade zone with the European Union.

The expert is sure that in this situation nothing surprising has happened.

“Everything that happens today in Ukraine is a natural consequence of the policy that was pursued by the government of the country,” said Dudchak, having stressed that according to the signed agreement, Kiev is in a stalemate and is obliged to “accept all conditions of the European Union”.

“It is already too late to cry about this. There was a need to think about this earlier,” noted the Ukrainian political scientist.

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