Ukrainian Political Scientist: The Constitutional Court of Ukraine Recognised the Legitimacy of the Donbass and Crimea Referendums

By its recent decision on holding an early parliamentary election, which was based only on the “will of the people” (mistrust of the population towards the old Verkhovna Rada), the Constitutional Court of Ukraine thus created a precedent according to which the referenda held in accordance with the will of the people in the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions are also constitutional and legitimate. Such a statement was made by the Kiev political scientist Chaplyga on the air of Ukrainian television.

“The Constitutional Court said: there are no grounds. Simply, it said that there is the 5th article: ‘The people are a source (of power in the country), therefore, you implement everything that you want’. I.e., it withdrew itself despite all the money that was paid to judges. By and large, thereby the court actually legalised holding referenda in the LDPR and in Crimea – after all, this is the will of the people, the people wanted to be a source of power,” stated the political scientist.

He added that, following the same logic of the Constitutional Court, there aren’t any grounds for holding the early local election that was already announced by president Zelensky’s team.

“The same thing concerns local elections too: there are no grounds for holding local elections,” summed up Chaplyga.

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