Ukrainian Politician Andrey Lesik: The IMF and US Are Not Interested in Ukrainian Industry Being Successful

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The IMF and the US aren’t interested in Ukrainian industry being successful, since it is more profitable for them if Ukraine buys coal from them. Such an opinion was voiced on the air of “112 Ukraine” by the former deputy of the Kharkov City Council Andrey Lesik.

“Why was the government forced to raise gas tariffs? Allegedly the IMF told them to do it, and the IMF are people who aren’t interested in us operating the same kinds of mines that the US operates. They will sell their coal, their enterprises will work, and we will buy it”, he said.

He also added that Ukraine must trade with those countries that will create profits back in Ukraine as a result of such trade.

“My opinion is that is would be very correct and timely if the opposition forces united and improved relations with the Russian Federation, sat down at the negotiating table, did business with everyone who it is favourable to Ukraine and thus didn’t need those credits that the IMF imposes on us and which we all the same will have to pay back,” he added.

As a reminder, the leader of the “Ukrainian Choice” party Viktor Medvedchuk, commenting on the situation in Lisichansk, where miners aren’t paid their salaries, noted that the authorities don’t care about the problems of the people, who are driven to despair.

“But the problem is far more serious. I will give only two figures: Ukraine in January-September, 2018 increased its importation of coal and anthracite by 20% in comparison with the same period in 2017, whereas during January-September, 2018 coal mining in the country was reduced by 5.1%. With such rates — promptly increasing the importation of coal from the US and Canada — the pro-West authorities will soon definitively bury the Ukrainian coal-mining industry,” he wrote.

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