Ukrainian Politician Evgeny Chervonenko Compared the Heroization of the SS “Galicia” Division with Bestiality

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former Ministry of Transportation and Communication and People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the IV convocation Evgeny Chervonenko on the air of theNewsOne TV channel reacted angrily to the information about lessons of valour being taught in at a school in Kiev using the example of the SS “Galicia” division.

The politician stated that teaching military valour by using the example of SS “Galicia” division is bestiality and a substitution of concepts.

“In the 315th gymnasium of Kiev lessons on Ukrainian military valour are taught…

These lessons are taught by the organisation under the fashionable name ‘Ukrainian Military Honor’.

And you know what examples they use?

Neither General Vatutin, nor those Heroes of the Soviet Union who sacrificed  themselves for Ukraine itself and our Motherland. They use the example of the SS ‘Galicia’ division and its ‘feats’. However, they are silent about their only serious fight near Brody, where they were torn into pieces because they wanted to fight near home. Even the Germans treated them like that.

In their oath there was no word about Ukraine, it was about fidelity to Adolf Hitler.

What bestiality and concept substitution!” noted Chervonenko, without hiding his indignation.

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