Ukrainian Politician Vasily Volga: If All Maidan Criminals Aren’t Punished, Ukraine Will Cease to Exist

Member of the political party “Union of Left Forces” Vasily Volga believes that the “Revolution of Dignity” in Ukraine is an “anti-state coup”. He told this to the correspondent of “Echo of Kiev”.

The politician calls Euromaidan “one of the most tragic pages in the modern history of Ukraine”.

“It is this very anti-state coup, it is this destruction of the very structure of statehood that has started the destruction of Ukraine’s economy, that has started the incitement of ethnic strife, killings, and the outbreak of civil war. It is because of Maidan, which for selfish purposes was supported by a number of foreign countries, we lost such large territories,” assures Volga.

The member of the “Union of Left Forces” calls “Dignity and Freedom Day” [a propaganda “holiday” established by Poroshenko after Maidan – ed] “a day of enslavement”.

And until the criminals who committed this coup are punished, and in the framework of the criminal process, then Ukraine will not get back on the path of creation. We will continue to be on our way to destruction. Many criminal offences were committed after Maidan, including the murder of Oles Buzina. The criminals are known, but released. A man who admitted that he was the first to kill two members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was arrested, but was released after the intervention of the Prosecutor-General, and then he gets a hero star… We have two alternatives: either all criminals will be punished, and we will return all processes to the constitutional path, or Ukraine, as a state, in the near future will not exist at all,” summarises the interlocutor of “Echo of Kiev”.

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As a reminder, earlier the publication “Echo of Kiev” reported that, according to the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VII convocation, member of the Political Council of “Svoboda“, and Doctor of Philological Sciences Irina Farion, the main message of Euromaidan was nationalist, which caused panic in Europe.

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