Ukrainian Posters in Donetsk: “Scorch the Russian Subculture”

NEW – July 7, 2022

The punishers urge residents of the cities of Donbass occupied by them to “scorch childhood memories”.

Leaflets with a call to “scorch the Russian subculture” are put up in Dimitrov, renamed Mirnograd. The city is located a few kilometres from Krasnoarmeysk.

“They urge us to ‘scorch our relationships with relatives and friends on the other side’, ‘scorch childhood memories associated with Russia and the USSR’,” a resident of the occupied town told the “Donbass Decides” channel.

According to him, the Ukrainian fascists are no longer able to hide their agony. Angry, aggressive. Falling under their boot is now easier than ever. It is enough to speak Russian.

Donbass Decides

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