Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Aleksandr Vilkul Was Attacked by Radicals in Berdyansk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Friday, February 1st, zelenka was poured on the presidential candidate Aleksandr Vilkul. It happened in Berdyansk near the local recreation center “Sofit”.

Aleksandr Vilkul, together with his protection, tried to reach the building where he wanted to hold a meeting with voters, however the entrance was blocked by radicals, who tried to stop block politician’s path. They held posters with the slogans “Suitcase, Train Station, Russia”, “Pro-Moscow forces – get out of Ukraine”, etc. The protesters also entered into skirmishes with law enforcement bodies who were on duty at the scene.

As a result, one of the people blocking the entrance to the recreation center poured zelenka on Aleksandr Vilkul. The “About Berdyansk” newspaper reported that after this the one who poured the liquid was taken away to the police station. However, the presidential candidate wasn’t able to enter the building – according to the media, he left the scene in a car.

Vilkul said that this incident is a provocation carried out by the government for the purpose of disrupting a meeting with voters (which, according to him, took place nevertheless).

“The government brought about 50 militants in balaclavas to disrupt my meeting with people. The thugs behaved aggressively. Before the meeting, they occupied the recreation center. People were pushed out onto the street. The police didn’t do anything”

he wrote on his Facebook page

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