Ukrainian Presidential Candidate: The Main Task of Ukraine Is to Ruin Russia and Achieve Stepan Bandera’s Dream

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


After the miserable torchlight procession on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the birth of the OUN leader and [Nazi – ed] collaborationist Stepan Bandera, which at most a couple of hundreds of people – including snowmen with automatic machine guns and bullet-proof vests – took part in, on Maidan Square, the Ukrainian nationalist organisations held a veche.

The nationalists ended this action with a solemn torchlight procession in honor of Bandera, which started from Taras Shevchenko Park, reports the correspondent of “Ukrinform”.

From the platform near the stele on Maidan representatives of Svoboda, Right Sector, and the “Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists” in particular voiced appeals to make changes in the country. The presidential candidate from nationalist forces Ruslan Koshulinsky also spoke and said that “our main task in 2019 is to at last achieve Stepan Bandera’s dream: military, diplomatic, economic, and ideological ways to ruin the Moscow empire, to divide the people enslaved by it into independent national states, to destroy oligarchy in Ukraine, and, lastly, to give Ukrainians the chance to be masters on their own land”.

After the speeches the participants of the event sang the anthem of Ukraine.

Clowns. Evil, inept, and primitive clowns, ready for the sake of “achieving the dreams” of blood-thirsty vampire-occupants, who even the Ukrainian land does not accept, to destroy Ukraine.

Do you know why a “Banderist Ukraine” can never be built? Because the main idea of Banderists was not to build Ukraine, but to destroy Russia.

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This is the cornerstone of the ideology of Stepan Bandera. I quote:

“A situation where the Russian Empire ceases to exist will be a clear and most high victory of Ukrainian nationalism and all the people enslaved by it will receive national-state will. Without this Ukraine cannot have a clear victory, or this victory will be partial and doubtful”

Stepan Bandera (The front of the enslaved peoples, “Surma”, Munich, 1950)

So draw your own conclusions when you hear “Father Bandera will come and bring order!”. It means that the ones who shout a lot just want to raze everything to the ground. In Ukraine.

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