Ukrainian Propaganda Movies About the War in Donbass Failed Miserably at the Box Office

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The movie “Call sign Banderas” [a propaganda film produced by Kiev for the purpose of whitewashing its genocide in Donbass – ed] collected 1,657,000 hryvnia during the first 11 days of it being available for rent on wide screens. 
The corresponding data was published by the “” website, which reviews all box office films available for rent in Ukraine.

With a budget of almost 40 million hryvnia, 20 million of which being allocated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, such a box office can be considered as one of the most epic failures in the history of Ukrainian cinema. In terms of the fees/budget ratio, “Call sign Banderas” will probably lag behind even the “Secret diary of Simon Petliura” [propaganda produced by Kiev for the purpose of whitewashing the Ukrainian nationalist Simon Petliura – ed], which collected 2.5 million hryvnia for 46 days of rental with a budget of 48 million (23.6 of which was, again, provided by the Ministry of Culture). And the result for “Cyborgs” [propaganda produced by Kiev for the purpose of glorifying the Ukrainian militants who briefly occupied Donetsk airport – ed] (19.7 million cash fees with a budget of 47 million) against this background looks almost a success (although objectively speaking it is still a failure).

Loznitsa’s Donbass, which is devoted to ridiculing of the inhabitants of the territory of the unrecognised DPR and LPR, was even less successful at the box office: with a budget of 71 (!) million hryvnia, during the first week of rental on large screens in Ukraine it collected no more than 750,000 hryvnia. However, “Donbass” was initially positioned as a festival, arthouse cinema, and for such films the fees, as is known, are not important.

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