Ukrainian Propagandist Dmitry Gordon: The Ukrainian Food Industry Is Sh*t, I Miss the USSR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian propagandist Dmitry Gordon, who fueled Euromaidan, and who recently began to criticize the glorification of OUN-UPA, admitted that he misses Soviet bread rolls and ice cream because they were tasty and qualitative – it is far better than in “independent” Ukraine.

This was stated by Gordon on the air of the NewsOne TV channel, reports the correspondent of Politnavigator.

Gordon characterized all of the present Ukrainian food industry in one word — “sh*t”.

“It is time to recognize that the food is Ukraine is bad. We have candy without chocolate, without cocoa, ice cream without milk, and meatless sausage, and let anyone who considers that I am telling a lie to spit on me.

I was in time for the Soviet period, when we had very tasty sausage, there were few sausages, but they existed. ‘Doctorskaya’, for example, ‘Lubitelskaya’, ‘Otdelnaya’, and so on, it was tasty. The ice cream ‘Plombir’, which costed 19 and then 20 kopeks, and chocolate that was 28 kopeks was fantastic, and in every cafe there was real, tasty, beautiful ice cream.

I remember Soviet candy, it was beautiful candy. And it is possible to call now both ice cream and candy, as well as sausage and all the rest, one word — sh*t, or garbage. This is a mockery, it’s genocide of their own people, I believe that it is impossible to eat such sausage and such ice cream – it is mocking the people,” said Gordon.

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