Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office: Bus with Passengers near Gorlovka Was Shot at by UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Investigators of the military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, using the results of the investigation, came to a conclusion the opening of fire on a bus with civilians at the Mayorsk check point near Gorlovka in Donbass on December 14th, 2016, was conducted not by the DPR, but the serviceman of the 45th UAF brigade of the airborne forces

The relevant information is contained in the unified register of judgments.

“One of the military personnel (who still isn’t established yet) carried out several shots from an automatic weapon in the direction of civilians who were in the queue, and as a result one civilian was killed and two were wounded,” it is said in the materials of criminal proceedings, which were carried out by the Bakhmutka police department under the procedural management of the military prosecutor’s office of the Donetsk garrison.

As a reminder, one more passenger of the bus subsequently died: as a result of stress, they had a heart attack.

It should be noted that the military personnel who was at this time on the outpost, including UAF fighters and the State Border service, according to the materials of criminal proceedings, don’t deny that it was representatives of governmental troops who opened fire, although they refuse to admit their guilt for the incident, shifting it to one another.

Having studied data from surveillance cameras, investigators came to the conclusion that the border guards told the truth, while the testimonies of soldiers don’t correspond to reality, so, most likely, it was one of them who shot at civilians.

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Currently law enforcement authorities are trying to establish who exactly of the fighters of the 45th brigade shot at civilians, and for this they have already gained access to personal records of fighters of the brigade.

Recall that immediately after the incident the Ukrainian authorities, and after them practically all Ukrainian media, declared that the outpost in Mayorsk was fired at by representatives of the DPR. Official denials of this information still haven’t been presented.

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