Ukrainian Psychiatric Hospitals Are Overflowing with UAF Volunteers

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine after each rotation or demobilisation psychiatric hospitals become crowded with UAF troops coming back from the frontline. This was stated
 in a Skype conference on the “Open Ukraine” channel by the journalist Elena Boyko, who was forced to leave Lvov.

“At the time of my departure in 2015, when there was the first wave of demobilisation and rotation, the Lvov regional clinical psychiatric hospital – having a huge territory and a large number of buildings – was completely crammed full with guys who returned from the frontline,” said Boyko.

According to her, these were people with schizophrenia, psychoses, manias, and phobias.

“In this clinic at one stage there were more than 800 people who needed immediate hospitalisation since they were dangerous to the people around them. And the head doctor, who I was on friendly terms with, after several such arrivals of patients, simply took his things and left. He couldn’t look at it anymore. Plus, there was no medicine, there were no provisions,” noted the journalist.

“Imagine, a guy arrived from the frontline on rotation or he was demobilised, he drank, ate, was out celebrating with friends, and on the second-third day he grabbed an axe and started chasing either his mother, wife, or children,” added Boyko.

The ATO soldier hosting the YouTube channel, Aleksandr Medinsky, noted that now in Ukraine in general there is a big problem with the treatment of mentally unhealthy people.

“By the way, the main psychologist of the army was dismissed after he said that every ATO soldier who returned from the frontline is a potential criminal. This truth isn’t convenient for them. In Kiev I have a neighbour who is a schizophrenic, he has two murders on his conscience, but each time he was released. They held him for three months and released him. He is not even treated as an outpatient, because there is nothing to treat him with. And everyone in fear thinks about who he will kill next time. He is outside jurisdiction,” said Medinsky.

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