Ukrainian Punishers Use Drones to Drop Improvised Explosives on Residential Homes in Donbass

The Kiev Armed Forces strengthen their improvised explosive devices attached to drones to achieve the maximum number of victims.

Yesterday such a device was dropped on Zaitsevo and Staromikhailovka. Fortunately, it didn’t detonate. One of such devices was shown by the head of the Gorlovka administration Ivan Prikhodko on his page.

I have the strong desire that the whole world sees this. This came from drones in Zaitsevo. The tip, spring, and pin was made using a printer. Inside there are screws in a can. And this is for several residential houses. There are “no” Nazis. While extinguishing the consequences of shelling on 161 Rybalko Street the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were attacked by small arms. There are no victims.

He also said that in the settlement of Golmovsky Ukrainian punishers carried out person hunting via a drone:

Ukrainian drones hunting for people in Golma has been going on for more than an hour. At the car cooperative ‘Soyuz’ the man repairing the roof, by a miracle, was not touched. The lodge was hit, a car was whipped with shrapnel. There is shrapnel damage to facades and glazing at 11 and 12 Mushketovskaya Street.

One more homemade product from Staromikhailovka. Inside there is TNT and screws.

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