Ukrainian Radical Group “C14” Called to Wash Away the Dirt From the Wehrmacht’s Image

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian right-wing radical group C14 – known for Russophobic actions and pogroms – calls to wash away the dirt from the image of the Wehrmacht.

“Let’s continue historical revisionism! Whatever liberals or other monsters can say — the troops of the Third Reich deserve no more criticism than any other army that ever fought. However, it is precisely they who were buried under meters of dirt and denigration. Once it was also done to UPA. But we managed to wash their fair image. Now it’s the turn of our allies. We must describe the truth about them,” it is said on the C14 channel on the Telegram messenger.

Further, a link to the Facebook group Ukrainian Military Honor is given, in particular to a post devoted to Khorunzhiy Ukrainian Free Cossacks, distinguished by awards of Hitler’s Germany.

“Ukrainian Free Cossacks in Canada. Among many awards we see on Khorunzhiy Ivan Karabin the Iron Cross, which means that he was in the Free Cossacks of Wehrmacht during World War II or other formations. However, it is very indicative and daring, taking into account the tendency in post-war time in emigration people didn’t flaunt such awards. The fact that he has it [an iron cross] means that it was valued by him. Mikhail Kovalsky has a Cross of a Combatant of the Ukrainian Free Cossacks Army,” it is written in the post.

In the group posts are also made devoted to the Ukrainian shutzmann, who carried out punitive actions against Belarusian partisans, and also to fighters of the SS and the Wehrmacht.

“Give us new information about UPA, because recently there was too much about the Wehrmacht,” said one of the readers Oleg Tsyupka, attracting the attention of the moderators of the group.

“There will be about UPA too. And about Cossacks and knights, and about ATO, and about UNSO, and about Americans. And what don’t you like about the Wehrmacht?” wrote the activist of C14, the former fighter of the so-called ATO Andrey Medvedko – accused of murdering the Kiev publicist Oles Buzina.

“There is simply too much about it recently,” answered Tsyupko in response to the question about the Wehrmacht.

“Because it needs, most of all, truthful exposure. Like UPA, dirt was poured on it for a long period, although it doesn’t deserve more dirt than any other army that once fought.”

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