Ukrainian Radicals Attacked a Journalist and Clashed with the Police Outside the Interior Ministry

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Clashes between law enforcement bodies and members of the nationalist C14” organisation took place outside the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on October 10th.

As was reported, on Wednesday about 50 radicals gathered outside the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine because of an explosion that happened earlier in the apartment of their coordinator Sergey Mazur.

“At the scene protesters fought with the police. One person was wounded. According to him, he suffered a blow from the police officer. It happened when Mazur and a group of deputies came into the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a meeting with law enforcement officers,” it is said in the statement.

Also, it was reported that during the protest unknown persons poured kefir over the journalist of the NewsOne TV channel. After the incident the attackers tried to flee the scene, but one of the attackers was detained. Medics helped all victims.–fNAcS4

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Igor Lutsenko on October 10th said that unknown persons threw an explosive device into the apartment of his assistant and coordinator of the nationalist “C14” organisation Sergey Masur. The police initiated a criminal case under the article “attempted murder”.

“In the night from October 9th to 10th unknown persons threw a grenade into the apartment of the coordinator of the ‘C14’ group Sergey Mazur.

As a result of incident the 61-year-old father of the ‘activist’ was injured, he lost a lot of blood, but is in a state condition. At the time of explosion the wife and son of Sergey Mazur were inside the building. Since the apartment is on the second floor, in order to access the window the attackers used a ladder. The police are carrying out an investigation under the article ‘attempted murder’. This was reported by the department of communications of the main department of the National Police in the Kiev region.

Whilst the investigation is ongoing a strengthened operational-investigation group headed by the deputy chief of the regional police was created.

As a reminder, in July suspicion of carrying out a pogrom at the Romani camp in the Lysa Gora in Kiev was handed to Sergey Mazur. On April 21st, he was taken under around-the-clock house arrest. Also, he took part in a number of attacks on public activists, human rights activists, and people with the alternative point of view. In particular, on September 28th Sergey Mazur was present when the lawyer Andrey Gozhy and the journalist Andrey Laktionov were assaulted at the courtroom in Zhytomyr during hearings connected to the case of the journalist Vasily Muravitsky.”

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