Ukrainian Radicals From the “C14” Neo-Nazi Group Tried to Disrupt a Peaceful Gathering of Veterans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On January 11th in Kiev “activists” from C14, the Kiev city union of ATO veterans, and the Azov regiment tried to disrupt a congress of the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Associations of Combatants, Veterans of Military Service, and Law Enforcement Bodies.

The participants of the event – mainly elderly people – were supposed to consider the proposals of public activists and a number of public organisations for the prevention of the creation of a Ministry of Veterans and to return state financing to veteran organisations.

The main speaker of the event was the reserve Colonel-General Viktor Paly, who a long time was the chairman of the public council of the Ministry of Defence. The Ukrainian politician Aleksandr Moroz also attended the event.

The “activists” who arrived to the event, headed by one of the leaders of the “C14” group Sergey Mazur, tried to provoke the audience into a conflict. Security intervened in the dispute, but the representatives of the radical groups refused to leave the meeting hall.

The congress of delegates came to an end after one of the “activists” purposefully climbed onto the tribune, took away the microphone from one of the delegates of the congress, and urged the veterans to go home. As a result a fight began. A police squad arrived at the scene and detained one of the radical “activists”.

As a reminder, during a public council meeting at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on March 10th 2017 the well-known participant of the ATO Dmitry Reznichenko hit the reserve Colonel-General Viktor Paly.

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