Ukrainian Radicals Poured Blood on a Government Official Because of the Crimean Bridge

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian activists accuse the Gnivan city administration of supplying granite for the construction of the Kerch Bridge. In the city of Gnivan in the Vinnytsia region unknown persons rushed into the office of the mayor Vladimir Kuleshov and poured blood over him.

It is noted that the incident took place on October 2nd, on a day that a session of the City Council was taking place. On the same day one of the deputies was taken out to the forest and beaten up.

The activists claim that under the mayor’s protection the Gnivan pit delivered to Russia raw materials for the construction of the Kerch Bridge. In turn, the mayor Vladimir Kuleshov says that there are no direct deliveries to Russia and that the enterprise has no contracts with Russian companies.

“In my opinion, young people were inspired by our investigation into the the odious mayor Kuleshov’s involvement and protection of the even more odious businessman Bereshchuk and the activity of the Gnivan pit, which sells raw materials for the construction of the Kerch Bridge,” commented the activist Andrey Verbetsky, who witnessed the attack.

The mayor said in comment to journalists that he recommended to the activists to appeal to the prosecutor’s office if they have the facts and evidence. The liquid that was poured over him was indeed blood.

“They splashed the entire office. Thus they have caused damage to municipal property worth around 25,000: they doused the computer, documents, the embroidered Shevchenko’s portrait, and a flag,” said Kuleshov.

Also, Vladimir Kuleshov reported that on this day the deputy of the Gnivan city council was also beaten up.

“Like in the 90’s… Three or four people shoved him into a car, he was taken to a forest, had his phones confiscated, and was beaten up. He got in touch two hours later – he was seen by acquaintances when he came out of the forest and immediately called us back. Currently the deputy is undergoing a medical examination. These events are a shock for locals,” says Kuleshov.

The department reported to the press service of the National Police in the Vinnytsia region that on October 2nd in Gnivan two criminal proceedings were initiated – for hooliganism and assault.

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