Ukrainian Radicals Threatened to Rape the Participants of a Student Gathering in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


A meeting against violence organized by students of one of the Kiev Universities was disrupted by nationalists. As human rights activists from Amnesty International report, the nationalists threatened to rape the girls participating in the action if they don’t disperse.

Aggressive-minded people, and they, according to eyewitnesses, were about 40 people, passed onto the territory of Kiev-Mogyla Academy, where the action “No to violence at University!” took place.

The police who were called to the scene arrived only 40 minutes afterwards, and they found “no violations”.

“Today on the territory of the Kiev-Mogyla Academy the action ‘No to violence at University!’ – against sexism, violence, and sexual harassment in the University environment – was disrupted. About 40 were unknown to the Academy and were not allowed near the protest. Participants also noted that one of them had a badge of ‘Svoboda’.

The attackers threatened the activists with sexual violence and tried to ‘give flowers’, which they brought with them. One of them tried to seize the Amnesty International icon on the backpack of one of the participants. Due to the threat of violence, the organizers had to stop the event and leave. The police, who the participants called, arrived only after 40 minutes, and ‘found no violations’.

Bitter irony: the campaign against violence could not take place because of violence. The restriction through the use of force of the right to a peaceful gathering in Ukraine has become a systemic problem. (Photos courtesy of a participant).”


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