Ukrainian Radicals Wanted to Burn Yanukovych Alive in 2014 by Throwing Molotov Cocktails at Him

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The former head of the Security Service of the former president of Ukraine said that his murder was prepared by two groups of nationalists at the same time…

The former head of the Security Service of the former Ukrainian president Vladimir Pavlenko said in court that radicals in 2014 wanted to burn Viktor Yanukovych alive.

According to him, Kharkov radicals planned to commit the crime. The attempt to assassinate Viktor Yanukovych was planned for his visit to this city, where he intended to attend a congress of regions.

According to Pavlenko, the murder was prepared by two groups from the “Svoboda” party. The second group planned to become involved should the first attempt fail.

“If the attempt of the first group was unsuccessful – it was planned to murder the president using firearms, then when the president was being evacuated by his guards the second group planned to either shoot him or to throw Molotov cocktails at him when he left for the train, burning him alive,” said Pavlenko.

The visit of the president was cancelled after it became that an assassination attempt was planned.

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