Ukrainian Reporter: Kiev Is Preparing to Transfer Control Over Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants to the Americans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The regime of Maidanists  – dependent on the US – that came to power in Ukraine prepares to transfer control over Ukrainian nuclear power plants to the Americans. This was stated on the air of the NewsOne channel by the known Kiev TV reporter Vyacheslav Pikhovshek, who at the time of Leonid Kuchma’s presidency was the speech writer of the head of State.

According to him, in order to preserve the power of the regime needed by the Americans a pretext to postpone elections can be found.

“I am not sure that elections will be announced, and that they will take place according to plan. It seems to me that elections will be postponed under any pretext.

Now we are governed by a team of liquidators of Ukraine, it is a liquidating commission. They still have a lot of work, because during the USSR a lot of things were constructed … There is talk about the interest of Americans in the nuclear industry, the privatization of the nuclear power plants. A lot more is ahead,” said Pikhovshek.

Earlier Pikhovshek also said that instead of Naftogaz an American carrier will enter the Ukrainian energy market, which will receive excess profit after several waves of tariff increases in the former Soviet republic.

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