Ukrainian Saboteurs Complained About the Many-Month Nonpayment of Wages

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Such a statement was made at the Ukrainian crisis media center (Kiev) by fighters of the 73rd center of special operation forces, which is based in Ochakov (Nikolaev region).

“Since July 2nd, 2016, the military (among which there are people with the rank of Colonel) are stuck in the transfer process to another unit because of a refusal to sign documents — because in fact they still haven’t been paid wages for that period of service, and in the documents for transfer it is said that wages were paid and they have no claims. On this fact the fighters won a number of court cases concerning the violation of the conditions of passing through military service, but the verdicts weren’t implemented,” it is reported on the website of the media center.

The beginning of the story was highlighted in the Ukrainian media already in the summer of 2016.

“With such commanders, we even don’t need enemies — it is the only conclusion that arises after becoming acquainted with the situation,” reported on August 11th, 2016, the “resonance” website. “12 fighters of the 73rd center of special operation forces were forced out into the street from their own units without properly processed documents and, respectively, without due payments – from 80,000-100,000 (hryvnias) per person! Fault belongs to the commandment of unit B2492 (Ochakov, Nikolaev region) and commandment of the headquarters of the ATO.”

As a result, the servicemen at first were forced to live peripherally of a “elite” unit, and then when left their houses, criminal cases were opened against them because of their unauthorized leave. At this time the contracts of those servicemen who in 2014-2015 fought near Saur-Mogiloy, Ilovaisk, and Debaltsevo still haven’t been terminated.

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Journalists also reported about the results of verification of units, which was carried out by the Military Law-Enforcement Service and by commanders of the Navy of Ukraine.

“Problems were revealed literally with every step! The military personnel were not provided the appropriate conditions for living, there were problems with water, as well as with the bath-and-laundry service. Law enforcement authorities issued administrative reports (and sent them to the court) concerning the Deputy Commander for material supplies Lieutenant-Colonel Kontseba, the chief of health service of this unit and major of the health service Romashev, and the Commander of the unit Lieutenant-Colonel Marchenko. However, the punishment that is prescribed for this is only symbolic,” writes “Resonance”. 

The 73rd naval center is one is the main parts of the Ukrainian special forces, which entered the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a result of the decree created on July 7th, 2016, by Poroshenko.

“This is a complex mechanism of counteracting elite units in hybrid war,” reported the ura-patriotic Ukrainian media, praising at the time the abilities of these special operation forces.

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