Ukrainian SBU Saboteurs Mined the Schastye Thermal Power Plant

By Nikita Che

Militants of nationalist battalions have mined the water-cooling channel of the Schastye Thermal Station for the purpose of committing a large-scale terror act, LPR Minister of State Security Leonid Pasechnik reported on November 16th.

“The LPR Ministry of State Security has obtained data that UAF nationalist battalions members are attempting a large-scale terror act in the area of the city of Schastye,” the LIC quotes him as saying.

“We have established facts that they had mined the water-cooling channel of the Schastye Thermal Station, which is connected to the Schastye pools. The mining was made in the spot where the channel is 3.5 meters above residential areas.

As a result of a blast, significant areas of the Schastye city could be swamped with water. As a result of damage to the Thermal Station, significant areas of the Lugansk People’s Republic would be de-energized, as well as some Kiev-held areas  of the region.

So we can conclude that all Donbass residents, regardless of which side… [of the contact line] they live in, are, in general, enemies for nationalist battalions militants, as well as that the latter’s main aim is to turn Donbass into a dead zone, to punish its population for what they call separatism.”

The Minister also reported the coordinates of the mining, adding that they will be passed to appropriate international organizations.

He also noted such terrorist activity is backed and headed by both the SBU and foreign secret services.

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