Ukrainian School Students Will Be Taught Reconnaissance Using the Methods of UPA

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Education of Ukraine recommended to reproduce in schools the technique that Banderists were trained with in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army camps…

The Ministry of Education and Science recommended to schools on the occasion of Day of the defender of Ukraine (October 14th) to conduct a lesson devoted to the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). This was stated in the methodical recommendations published on the website of the ministry. The department recommends the following forms of carrying out a lesson:

A festival of multimedia presentations “We fight for Ukraine: stories of soldiers of UPA and the ATO”; insurgent platform “Freedom Is More Valuable than Life” (mental preparation and approval of the main ideological documents of UPA); the lesson reconstruction “In the Training Camp” (reproduction of training in the camp of starshina preparation); school of survival “The task is to endure and not to betray” (research of methods of psychological and physical training, conspiracy, enciphering, information transfer, reconnaissance and tracking of agents of NKVD and Gestapo [they continue to pretend that they fought against Nazi Germany, which is a factual lie – ed]).

“In general education and professional educational institutions we recommend to carry out on the occasion of the Day of defender of Ukraine and the 75th anniversary of the beginning of formation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army a lesson of defenders, and excursions to historical, local history, and other memorial museums and places of memory connected with the Ukrainian liberation movement,” it is also said in the recommendations.

Besides this, the Ukrainian Ministry of Education advises to hold at schools meetings with veterans of UPA or participants of the so-called ATO, the viewing of movies, educational hours, discussion platforms, and other thematic events.

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As a reminder, it is precisely UPA that bears responsibility for the Volyn massacre, during which from 1939 to 1945 hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed. Their exact number is still unknown, and many of them are still not adequately buried.

“Besides Poles – Jews, Armenians, Czechs, representatives of other ethnic minorities, and also Ukrainians trying to help victims perished in the massacre. These tragic events must be restored in the historical memory of modern generations,” it is said in the resolution of the upper house of Polish parliament on recognising as genocide the massacre of Poles committed by Ukrainian nationalists from UPA in the years of World War II.

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