Ukrainian Schoolchildren Are Taught That During WW2, Ukraine Was on the Side of Those Who Fought Against “Stalinism”

On May 12th, during an online lesson of the History of Ukraine for grades 8-11 within the framework of the “All-Ukrainian School Online”, the director of the Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich showed an offensive video about the Great Patriotic War.

“The concept of the ‘Great Patriotic War’ is an ideological cliché that was created in the Soviet Union to emphasise the ‘great war of the whole Soviet people against the German-Hitler troops’. In fact, such a single impulse is exaggerated. For many union republics, in particular for Ukraine, it was not always a war for their Motherland,” the post reads.

It is noted that many perceived the beginning of the German-Soviet war as an opportunity for “liberation from Stalinism”.

In addition, according to Drobovich, hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers were not ready to fight for Stalin and did not perceive the war as “patriotic”.

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