Ukrainian Sniper “Skat” About Murdering DPR Residents: “It Was Happiness!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian sniper Yaroslav Lapin, with the call sign “Skat”, in three years of war in Donbass has visited almost all hot spots, from the Donetsk airport to the Avdeevka industrial zone. During this time he managed to liquidate several dozens of people: both militiamen fighting at the front and peaceful civilians. Lapin spoke about his “merits” in an interview to a Ukrainian website.

As “Skat” reported, he went to Donbass together with a friend for the sake of a “sporting interest”. During his youth the former ATO member was a regional champion in shooting, then he graduated from an academy as a “sniper“. As Lapin admits, he always wanted to “do some shooting” on live targets, that’s why the decision to go to the front was made by him without hesitation.

“Skat” killed his first militiaman during combat near Volnovakha. He shot him in the back, therefore he didn’t have special problems with his conscience.

“When I saw my first target — I had no confusion or doubts, even for a second – to squeeze the trigger or not,” “Skat” admits.

As it appeared, Lapin simply has no conscience at all. After the baptism of fire he, with ease, fired at peaceful territories of the People’s Republics, killing innocent citizens.

“For me it was happiness to know that one more separatist has kicked the bucket, regardless of who they are,” admits the former ATO member.

Today Lapin is demobilized. The sniper was awarded for his “feats” with the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky of the 3rd degree, and also the award “For Courage” of the 2nd and 3rd degrees. In the future “Skat” plans to become an instructor in one of motor-infantry brigades to train young punishers to have a pitiless attitude towards all “separatists”.

Yaroslav Lapin is a typical representative of ordinary ATO members, deprived of all moral principles. It is thanks to such people that Kiev freely pursues a policy of the full elimination of the DPR and LPR, giving criminal orders to shoot at civilians.

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