Ukrainian Social Action #BeatMoskals

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



This article published in Ukrainian media hosts an open call to kill Russians in Ukraine. Doesn’t it remind you of the same kind of call made by Hitler’s power in 1930’s Germany – Beat Jews? Russiaphobia ad infinitum.

The editors of the Internet publication “News Daily Ukraine“, together with some Patriotic organizations of Ukraine, invite Ukrainians to participate in long-term action against the Russian aggression in Ukraine “#BeatMoskal”.

In Ukraine, there are about nine million fans of natural secretions of Putin’s testicles and admirers of smell of Putin’s Holy vagina. So, as colleagues say, there is a lot of work.

According to verified information, every second Moskal that enters Ukraine aims to: take a shit on public transport, to insult or rape one or two Ukrainian girls, to attend the rally for the “Opposition bloc”, without being seen to plunge a knife on you in the street, and if possible — shit in your bowl of Borsch.

Moskals – it’s a multi-million horde of passive federasts [portmanteau of ‘pederast’ and ‘federalist’ – ed] that every morning in Russia come to bow before Putin to lick the hair under his armpits, on the balls, and of course in the ass, from where Zhirinovsky wiggles out and then awards everybody with “fragrant” St. George ribbons.

Moskals in Ukraine – it’s an uncontrolled army of looters, rapists, and terrorists. Sick in the head horsef*ckers who consider themselves as “saviours of Russian language”, but in reality are patients of a Russian psychiatric hospitals.

From the beginning of 2016 in Ukraine the residents of RUSSIA made more than 7000 terrorist acts against Ukrainians!!!
From the beginning of 2016 in Ukraine the residents of RUSSIA killed 50 of the Ukrainian military personnel and injured 350.
In more than two years, the residents of RUSSIA killed 10,000 Ukrainians.
For more than two years the residents of RUSSIA injured more than 20,000 Ukrainians.
For more than two years the residents of RUSSIA forced nearly 2 million people to flee their homes.

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The Ukrainian government does not listen to its own people and deliberately continues to permit passage of Russian torturers and murderers in our cities.

From this day, in every Ukrainian city, in every village, on every street, we Ukrainians are going to catch Moskals. In the market, the store, at the bus stop, in the park — everywhere where we will hear clearly pronounced Russian language — WE’LL be there.


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