Ukrainian “Sokol” Nazis Marched in Kiev Shouting “Glory to Ukraine, Death to the Moscow Federation”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Kiev young “not-nazis” marched through the central streets with torches in the “March of right-wing traditions”. The procession was carried out by the All-Ukrainian organisation Sokol and celebrated the 125th anniversary of its creation. Wolfsangels, torches, the slogan “Glory to the nation – death to enemies!” – everything as it should be.

At around 17.00 more than 1,000 people, generally the youth, gathered on Maidan. They came to the march from all regions, in particular from Donetsk and Lugansk.

Some guys were dressed in camouflage and bandanas bearing the symbols of “Sokol”. They held blue-yellow and red-black flags.

Representatives of other organisations – “Svoboda”, “Right Sector”, C14 – came to join the event.

The attendees lined up in formation in a column.

“There is no age that is too young to accustom a child to the correct love for Ukraine. The main ideological provisions that we profess – law, justice, order, fidelity to the nation and to civic duty,” said the vice-chairman of “Sokol” and participant of military operations Yaroslav Lyuty.

“100 years ago Sokol members became the vanguard of legions of Sich Riflemen, divisions of UPRWUPR, the Directorate. Today in the organisation there are more than 100 participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war. We were engaged in military-patriotic education, we learned to survive. When the war started, we had training. Today our task is to raise a new elite for Ukraine. Teachers, officers, officials, public figures. In the 90’s it wasn’t created,” continued Yaroslav.

A guitar was tuned by the vocalist of the “Tin Sontsya” group Sergey Vasylyuk.

“Now we have hard times. There is a wish that the youth built the country and kick out all these senior corrupt officials. If young politicians appear, there is the wish that they indeed are exemplary and lead. These seniors and students, (*points to the attendees*) don’t want to leave the country. They want to see it number one in Eastern Europe,” said the musician.

Children in balaclavas lit torches.

Sergey then sang the tune of the March of Ukrainian Nationalists. Last year the song became the tune of the March of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the parade on Independence Day.

The attendees were welcomed with “Glory to Ukraine”.

The fighter fromAzov Yulian Matviychuk used the microphone to ask to observe a minute of silence for perished soldiers: “We remember our heroes, ‘Siva’, ‘Brata’, ‘Kozak’, ‘Chempion’, ‘Dyushes’, ‘Kutuz’, ‘Akela’. These are those guys who gave their life to protect the Southern borders”.

“War fell on us with one of the most blood-thirsty regimes of the world. And we are winning this war. We managed to survive, to stand on our feet,” said the leader of “C14” Evgeny Karas.

Veterans were then thanked.

“Sokol joined the united forces of nationalists and declared its support for the single candidate from the Ukrainian nationalists for the post of president Ruslan Koshulinsky,” said the representative of the organisation Yury Cherkashin.

People applauded.

“Our external enemy is Moscow. It is necessary to dismantle the Moscow empire, to return the Ukrainian territories. They must be ruled by the Ukrainian authorities, Ukrainian law, and Ukrainian spirit. But they must also conquer the internal enemy – oligarchs who destroy the Ukrainian middle class,” said the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok.

At 18.40 the column of 2,000 people went down Khreshchatyk Street.

At the front there was a young girl holding the photos of deceased fighters. The procession was accompanied by the beating of drums.

The slogans were audible: “Glory to Ukraine”, “Threefold glory to the heroes of the Ukrainian-Russian war”, “One for all and all for one”, “Remember foreigners – the Ukrainian is the master here”, “Glory to the Ukrainian nation, death to the Moscow federation”, “Single, United, Conciliar Ukraine”.

The column stopped three times. On Bogdan Khmelnytsky Street, opposite the memorial plaques of the ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism Dmitry Dontsov, the regional leader of the Organisation of the Ukrainian Nationalists Dmitry Miron (Orlik), and on Pirogov Street – in front of the plaques of the Sich Riflemen. Bouquets of tulips were laid.

The march lasted for more than an hour. It was accompanied by the police. Traffic on the carriageway was blocked off.

The procession came to an end on Zhilyanskaya Street. There a gala concert with the participation of the group “Ot Vinta”, “Karna”, and “Go-A” took place.

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