Ukrainian Soldier Live On Poroshenko’s TV Channel: The War in Donbass Is “Absurdity”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The punitive operation started by Kiev against the Russian uprising in Donbass is absurdity, since the supporters of the republics sincerely believe that they are defending their land.

This was stated in an interview with “Channel 5” by the driver of UAF armored vehicles Ksenia Glushchenko, who has been fighting for the fourth consecutive year in Donbass.

“Have you ever met those who you are fighting against? Sometimes it is Russian mercenaries, sometimes it is our compatriots, but mostly they are terrorists. Have you ever met them?” asked the host of the program Yanina Sokolova.

“I have repeatedly met them on the usual territory. If to look at it in a human way, then they are the same as us. We met in the villages. We can ask each other for a smoke, say hello, talk, smiling at the eyes. And then we understand that we will leave now and shoot at each other. They are the same people as we are. We see it, and they know it,” said the woman.

“Do you understand what motivates them?” asked Sokolova.

“The same as what motivates us. They want to conquer their land, they consider that it is their territory, we consider that it is our territory. And here is where the absurdity of it lies,” noted Ksenia Glushchenko.

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