Ukrainian Soldiers Were Allocated Plots of Land, As Per Poroshenko’s Promise…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Zaporizhia region plots of land, as is required by law, were allocated to participants of the ATO in a [illegal – ed] cemetery. This was reported by the resident Natalya Skvordyakova on her page on Facebook.

According to her, four servicemen appealed to the “Center of Help for ATO Participants”, which exercised their right to claim land [as per Poroshenko’s promise, ATO soldiers were given the legal right to claim a plot of land to do with as they please – ed], formalised everything that is required, and came with an expert in geodesy to take a look at their plots. They found out on the spot that the plots allocated by the local authorities are on the territory of the cemetery, and on two of them fresh graves were even dug.

“The whole situation is extremely serious. On the one hand they became the owners of illegal burials, and this means jail according to the Criminal Code (after all, the land is issued for sowing)… And on the other hand, I don’t think that those who are involved in such ‘business’ can easily give back what they appropriated using an unknown right! It is shocking how in general such a thing can happen, after all, on these plots it is impossible to carry out any activity (after all, the earth is already unusable),” reported Skvordyakova.

She also noted that the incident took place in the village Novoivanovskoye of the Druzhelyubovsky Village Council.

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Indignant pro-Ukraine users of social networks in the comments section started asking where do officials at all levels look when they allocate land to people. And also, an apparently rhetorical question, how was it possible to not notice that a not small territory – which was documented as agricultural land – was long ago seized by someone and that the locals were burying their loved ones there. In one such comment a user said “for these soldiers it is better to have these illegal plots than to have nothing at all in Donetsk.”

In the end, since all alive ATO soldiers are simply the walking dead, it is quite telling that when a legal request is made for land plots, it is assumed by the authorities that the requester requires a grave. I.e., the only place in society for cannon fodder is six feet under…

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