Ukrainian Soldiers Told the Whole Truth About Poroshenko’s “Reforms”

Billions of dollars were allocated for the Ukrainian army! Countries around the world helped the Ukrainian military. Every citizen of Ukraine sent an SMS message to help the army. Volunteers and ordinary Ukrainians collected tens of billions of hryvnia, the whole country threw money at the reformation of the army.

You cannot even imagine how in reality UAF soldiers started to live after Poroshenko’s reforms. After this material you will understand that the money allocated by us, and not by Poroshenko, was simply plundered.

Petro Poroshenko, together with his accomplices, managed to build several hostels.

For billions of dollars to build several hostels, which Poroshenko’s propagandists showed around the clock as improbable achievements of the Commander-in-chief.

Shouting about army, language, faith of course, did not force us to believe that everything became good in the country with these components of life.

Despite the loud statements of officials about the strongest army of Europe and fantastic growth in the supply of soldiers, in the camps of the Ukrainian army it is still possible to find just awful examples of money being embezzled and a swinish attitude towards people.

Soldiers frankly say that combat officers leave because of the bestial attitude of the marauders who plunder financial streams.

Poroshenko and his accomplices turned the army into an unreal business. Generals racketeer methadone from the DPR, they protect smuggling of millions of dollars a day.

The highest army ranks have long been servants of Akhmetov and Poroshenko in their coal business.

At the same time, ordinary military officers and soldiers have been rotting in entrenchments already for years. The army is rotting in the trenches, and the propaganda about someone reforming the army is a real, impudent lie.

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It should be noted that, in addition, there was direct confirmation of that Svinarchuk & Co were selling Ukrainian weapons by smuggling them out worldwide.

A few weeks ago the media received information about the detention by Iraqi border guards of a large consignment of Ukrainian automatic Fort-19 guns. The consignment of weapons was transported in a container with the inscription “bicycles”

The volume of this smuggled consignment was very considerable. The border police of Iraq confiscated more than 1,000 “Fort-19” guns of a 9х19 mm caliber. As the Iraqi security officers assume, this illicit delivery was intended for ISIS fighters, and came directly from Ukraine.

And the smell of another corruption lingered over the figures of the Ukrainian defence industry,, which is especially painful for image of the country, considering recent scandals with Gladkovsky (Svinarchuk) in the case of deliveries of illicit spare parts from Russia for the Ukrainian army.

The issue is that on the “Fort-19” guns that were being smuggling into Iraq the serial numbers are clearly visible. I.e., we are again dealing with massive theft at the level of officials, and most likely, Ukroboronprom.

Vladimir Kovalenko

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